Where do you expect to find Cornjerkers, Appleknockers, Syrupmakers, Cheese Makers or Paper Makers in America?

How about Whalers, Shipbuilders, Harpooners, Fishermen and Oredockers?

What is a Bonacker? A Caxy? A Saura? A Chitwin? An Earwig? An Obezag?

Where do the Cogs play, or the Hubs, and where does the Pam-Pack roam? Where might we find Aardvarks, Armadillos, Wildebeests, Turtles, or Frogs?

To find the answers to these questions and more author Emerson Houck has traveled across the nation investigating this peculiar phenomenon and the history behind each quirky name.

From Maine to Hawaii, well over a thousand names of high school teams are identified and the reasons for their nicknames and mascots disclosed in GO HUSKIES! BEAT FELIX THE CAT: THE STORY OF AMERICA’S HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC NICKNAMES AND MASCOTS AND WHAT THEY REVEAL ABOUT WHO WE ARE.

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Copyright (c) 2003, Emerson B. Houck. All rights reserved.